MONSTA X – “Shoot Out” MV

I can’t exactly call this an MV First Look so there is no need for me to even be writing this. Twenty hours after this MV was released I have watched it ten times – zero exaggeration, 100% accurate. Ten times. That may not seem like a lot for those who stream MVs non-stop but I am not a streamer and haven’t been one for a while. But this song and MV are too good for me to not watch it multiple times.

Like I mentioned above, there is no real need for me to even be writing this but I can’t have a masterpiece like this pass me by without talking about it. It’s songs and comebacks like this which make me stop and say… “Wow, I really miss doing reactions!” I felt that way with GOT7s “Lullaby”, BTS’ “Idol” and now MONSTA Xs “Shoot Out.”

Honestly, I need to get my shit together!

While this song does have that signature MONSTA X sound, it seems as though they’ve finessed it with the finished product being at a higher level than ever before. While it isn’t my favourite sounding comeback – “Beautiful” is my favourite, how they didn’t earn a #1 for this continues to baffle me – but this is for sure my favourite MV.

They have a theme of ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ which I love. I’m not a big follower of the fan theories or how it does or doesn’t tie into their whole Clan storyline, but I enjoyed the MV regardless. I enjoyed it A LOT!

I’m not sure if you remember my review of GOT7s “Lullaby” or if you saw me tweet it out at some point – see review (here) – but it took me ten minutes to watch the whole MV due to the amount of pauses I needed so I could finally breathe and how many times I would rewind the video to get a screenshot.

Watching “Shoot Out” the first time took me fifteen minutes.


Don’t ask me what I was looking for – all of it – who I was zooming in on – all of them – what parts made me scream – all of it – or even my favourite parts of it – the whole damn thing. This MV is AMAZING!

They all look so good! Their styling, as usual, suits them perfectly. I don’t know why their stylists even put clothes on the boys anymore. In another year all seven of them are gonna walk out completely naked and we won’t bat an eyelash. Although it isn’t surprising, it’s nice to see the boys looking more confident in how little they’re actually wearing. They look so good it’s almost sinful.

The choreography looks amazing and in the first fifteen seconds of the MV I found it almost impossible to breathe. How…why….really….you assholes! The whole thing looked strong, overly masculine and aggressive. I’m a fan of this kind of performance – not just from males but females as well – so I was screaming every time we got to see the choreo. I have seen most of it because of M2s Dance Relay but I’m really excited to see the live stage and how the choreography looks with all seven members in the shot.

I will be doing a first listen to the album at some point as well, I just want to check for the translations and watch their comeback show first before I write it out. Usually during comeback season I post my MV First Look and Album First Listen within thirty minutes of each other. I will not be doing that today. Partly because the album reviews are my favourite things to write about but also because I don’t want to rush my process. It will be up over the next few days though, that’s for damn sure.

If you couldn’t already tell – I love this song and this comeback for MONSTA X. I’m praying they get a #1 with this song within the first week. They deserve it. MONBEBE deserve it. They’re such a beautiful fandom so I have my non-streaming fingers crossed for you all!

MV: 10/10
SONG: 9.5/10

What do you thing of MONSTA Xs new song “Shoot Out”? How do you feel it stacks up against their previous title songs? Let me know down below or leave me a message on Twitter!


Bye guys!


2 thoughts on “MONSTA X – “Shoot Out” MV

  1. Totally agree about Beautiful! It’s still one of my fave songs by MONSTA X and I think it should have garnered more attention/popularity than it did. I loved Jealousy and Destroyer as well. This one I’m going to give some time. I have yet to check out the rest of their new album, too!

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    • Dramarama was a perfect change up for them and Jealousy was fantastic!! This song sounds like old school MONSTA X which I don’t think does them a disservice. Hopefully this comeback goes well for them

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