STRAY KIDS – I Am YOU Album First Listen + Review

My interest in this album has heightened due to the change of direction from their comeback song. I loved their mixtape as well as their debut album but their first comeback album I am WHO was a little average for me. I’m excited to see how this album pans out.



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STRAY KIDS third album I am YOU was released 22 October 2018 with title track of the same name. I did say in the intro that I’m very excited to hear what direction this whole album is going to be in – whether it’ll be in the same style of their title track or revert back to their usual sound. Either way, I’ll be happy! Chan has done very well with establishing a clear and different sound for this group so I can’t wait to see what’s been done on this album.

First track “YOU.” seems like a good intro, still on the slower side yet drifts over to a more house/dance vibe towards the mid-last half. I’ve said on a number of occasions that I’m not a fan of this genre but I love this. Maybe because they do show some variety within such a short song but I honestly have no complaints with this song.

Second track and title song “I am YOU” is even more amazing without the visual accompaniment. I’m not saying the visuals are bad but I have no other option than to appreciate the sound of the song and to focus entirely on that. If you want to see my original opinion on the song – see (here) for the review.

“My Side” starts off with Felix straight away, something  I’d never think of occurring. This song is a little on the slower side but it does have that element of build throughout. There are moments through the first few verses that I find really interesting. To me, it sounds like the key revolves around minor notes and the chorus revolves around the major ones. I’m nowhere near a trained musician so I may have made zero sense with that. But there’s such a clear difference and obvious juxtaposition between the direction of the verse vs the chorus which I find profoundly interesting! The switch up in the last thirty seconds of the song only elevates that opinion. This song may be the best song I’ve heard from STRAY KIDS to date!

“Hero’s Soup” is another slow song which helps in reiterating that this album does fall on the slower side and is more similar to the title track than I was expecting. This song does wonders for the vocal line. During one of their first songs “Mirror” I remember being super impressed with their vocal line and this song is the same. I can’t tell their voices apart just yet but the pre-chorus’ are soooooo nice! I had goosebumps through the entire first half. It’s a nice and relaxing song and doesn’t deviate from the path which is nice in comparison to “My Side” which had me surrounded by question marks – but in a good way.

Fifth track “Get Cool” is the upbeat and light song I was missing. I’m happy they decided to include it as it adds a little more variety to the album as a whole. It does remind me a little bit of PENTAGONs last couple of comebacks. I’m a fan of that light-hearted, fun and catchy song so I’m loving this song so far. Felix and Chan’s Australian accent at the end of this song makes me so happy!! This album is gearing up to be my favourite album they’ve done to date so I’m struggling to calm down right now.

Sixth song “N/S” is a drastic change and is very hiphop, and very trap. And I’m not sure how I feel about it so far. Not because I don’t like this genre but because I’m not used to such a heavy hiphop sounding song from this group. STRAY KIDS tend to provide that hiphop aspect with elements of rock which does suit them very very well. What I am losing my mind over is the heavy use of Felix in this song. Like… WTF?! His deep ass voice is all over the place and I’m loving it. Clearly this is a rap-line friendly song which I think is good considering “Hero’s Soup” is a more vocally friendly song so there’s a good balance there.

Last track “0325” is another hiphop song though it does have moments of that house feeling from the first track. It’s a strange and intense song for them to finish on so I’m interested in why they did so. It’s not very often that a group will end on such a high-energy song like this but I’m so happy they did.

That’s it, it’s been decided. This is my favourite album STRAY KIDS have ever put out. Not only is the album more on the slower side but the genres they use throughout their songs is so awesome and so well done that I can’t help but appreciate and love every song on here. There is always a couple songs that I don’t quite gel with on an album but there are none on this album that I’m iffy about. Honestly. I think this album was so well done, well executed and a great representation of what this group can do.

I’m so proud of how well they’re doing and how they’re separating themselves from the rest of the JYP artists. Well done babies!!!

RATING: 9/10

What did you all think of this album? What were you favourites? Let me know down below or leave me a comment on Twitter!


Bye guys!


2 thoughts on “STRAY KIDS – I Am YOU Album First Listen + Review

  1. I am their biggest fan ever love their songs even tho their in diff lan dont mind that bc i listen to the one with english lyrics and their lan words so i can sing along to them in their diff lan bc i wanted to learn how to understand their lans and talk like them as well i think its pretty cool bc for one i watch tv shows with koren tokyo china i read their lips and i write down what i want to hear and try to speak it you know want i mean lol love k-pop

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