RM – “Forever Rain” MV

The time between when a BTS mixtape gets announced and when it actually drops is getting shorter and shorter. There’s a lot of theories implying the next member will pull a Beyonce and just drop it, out of the blue and watch as everyone scrambles to keep up. I’m extremely excited to listen to the mixtape but I wanted to get this first review out of the way.

Like my last two MV reviews, I have seen “Forever Rain” a few times – the first time with no subtitles and all the rest with them. I think I can speak for everyone and say… I WANT TO GIVE HIM A BIG OL HUG!

I love how the MV is purely illustration. To me, it seems like this was done on purpose. He had a point to make and he made it without being in the MV at all. I love how the illustration is entirely dependant on the beat and lyrics and shows a beautiful and fluid movie. I’m normally a fan of simplistic art like this so I love everything about this.

He’s known to include sounds from his every day life at the beginning of his songs (like “Reflection”) so it’s nice to have that rain sound used here.

It’s a really slow song yet it changes intensity a lot. I like how his voice is in a lower octave than usual and it sounds almost muffled in the verses. It’s clear he opens up during the chorus and I love how he sings here. The repetitive words ‘forever rain’ in the background of the chorus gives me the chills.

He takes his time with this song and there’s no point where he rushes – both vocally and musically. The incorporation of different instruments is also used really well and, in themselves, do give a certain kind of intensity.

It’s hard to tell which part is my favourite. He does such a good job with this song that I’m both surprised at the artistic choices yet not at the same time. He’s so deep 100% of the time that it’s so much easier to nod your head and go along for the journey.

Purely based off this song, I can tell mono is going to be drastically different from his first mixtape RM which speaks volumes. In the past, he came from a place of anger and had a lot to get off his chest. With mono… he doesn’t have a reason to be angry anymore. Rather than professionally, he himself seems like he’s less angry. From what I’ve heard, this album is filled with heart-wrenching comfort and amazing lyrics which is expected from him as a songwriter.

When I do my first listens I look at the lyrics first. He did write on fan cafe that he wishes  people could enjoy the music without looking a translations first so I’ll do that this time around. Which is painful. Anything BTS related reaches me in a different way than anyone else so I make an effort to get knee-deep in their translations. I don’t know how I’m going to cope with this album…

MV: 10/10
SONG: 9/10

What did you all think of “Forever Rain”? Was it what you were expecting him to bring out? What did you think of the MV? Let me know down below or leave me a comment on Twitter!


Bye guys!


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