VERIVERY – VERI-US Album First Listen + Review

Already in 2019 we’ve had some new groups debut. I don’t think I’ve ever written reviews for a groups debut when I have no kind of information on them – VERIVERY is one of two groups like this. In saying that, doing so leaves me without bias and it can give me a more fresh take on the group and what I like or don’t like about them.

For those new to how I do things, I’m very rarely negative except for those special occasions but if I don’t like something I will say it. This is also a space where I welcome those with different point of view yet I don’t allow nastiness – you can do that elsewhere.

I did a little research before properly listening and reviewing the album but didn’t dig too deep. VERIVERY is a 7-membered group under Jellyfish Entertainment, the company’s first boy group since VIXXs seven years ago.

And that’s all I found hahaha. Ok let’s get it!


ALBUM: Veri-Us

VERIVERY – Veri-Us (1st Mini Album)

VERIVERYs first album VERI-US was released 9th January 2019 with title track “Ring Ring Ring”. I won’t be doing a MV first reaction like I usually do so you’ll have to bare with me including my thoughts on it during this review.

While I have strictly stayed away from younger groups or younger concepts in the past, I find that my tastes have changed and I actually really liked their title track. It sounds like it came straight out of the 90s and I love how funky it is. In contrast the MV is bright and colourful which makes sense because of their average ages – their eldest is ’95 and their youngest is ’03, the rest of the members falling into the ’98 and ’00 years. Considering their eldest member is older than this concept would usually annoy me but it doesn’t, I actually find it super cute. The song also showcases the groups nice vocals as well. Aside from the rap breakdown in the bridge, the rest of the rap parts didn’t stand out to me as much but there is the deep-voiced rapper who I enjoy a lot.

VERIVERY – “Ring Ring Ring” MV

From the first note of second track “Flower” I knew I would like it and I have no idea why I felt that way. The song is more synth than their title track as well as being a little more slow. What I like is that they don’t sound like they’re being overwhelmed by the song and they sit on top of it well. While some may say there are so many other songs that sound like this one, I actually don’t care – I love this style and sound of song so I’m loving it. There are nice backing vocals which switch between supporting the lead vocal and harmonising with them which is cool. The melody is also light and catchy and I almost feel like this could’ve been their title track.

Third track “F.I.L” starts off in a similar way to “Flower” with it’s synth notes but this song stays empty for quite a long time, building a nice ambiance before picking up in the chorus. It’s slow which shows the strength of their vocal line fairly well. Personally I would’ve liked the chorus to be a little more intense but I still like the song.

“Alright!” threw me through a loop!! It is the closest sound to “Ring Ring Ring” so far and I love love LOVE it! It’s sounds like its a fusion of that same 90’s sound yet has heavy brass/horns on top of it creating some kind of swing and funk vibes. Exploring such a style as this can suit the younger members as well as the eldest so it’s a cool idea they used a sound that fits both. The odd moments of beat breakdown throughout the song gives me goosebumps and I love the bass guitar heard throughout this whole thing. I feel like I already have a preference for this group which is making me even more interested in them. This whole song is making me feel so good and happy and all things involving such things so I think this song is amazing!

Final track “Super Special” is an acoustic version of their pre-debut release they did for their reality show OST. I feel like I don’t remember the sound of the original version but I definitely watched the MV before. I went back and watched the original and now I’m torn. I love me a slow and acoustic song like this but this original version is the genre I like them doing. I understand why they included this song on the album though, it makes sense to do something nice for their fans. I’m going to be a little indecisive and sit on the fence for this one – I just can’t pick one! Check out their original version of this track:

Overall, I really liked this album. They are obviously straddling two different sounds which is a little odd to me as they’re not related to each other. In saying that, I like both of those directions so whichever way they choose to go, I’ll support it. Personally I would’ve liked the whole album to be more towards the sound of their title track – I fell like 90’s hiphop music with current vocals on top is something I’m loving at the moment. I totally understand why “Ring Ring Ring” was their title track so I hope they explore this sound a little more in the future.


Listen to the album on Spotify (here) or on Apple Music (here).

How did you all like the debut track and album from VERIVERY? Were there any tracks that stood out to you? Let me know down in the comments below or leave me a message on Twitter!

Bye guys!


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