ATEEZ – TREASURE EP.2: ZERO TO ONE Album First Listen + Review

…am I ready for this? No.
…am I gonna do it anyway? YEP.
…have I already bought this album without hearing it first? YEP.
…do I regret? NO.

In case you couldn’t tell – I’M EXCITED! And I don’t know if the excitement is purely over how much I loved them before this comeback or because of how much I love “Say My Name”. I have seen the MV already and did lose my shit – I also filmed a reaction to the MV which I will leave at the end of the video so please feel free to watch that one!

ATEEZ. Wow. What a monster rookie group and god are they getting a lot of support! I wouldn’t say it’s well-derseved (because I feel like all rookie groups deserve to be supported) but I’m just happy people are being so loud over these babies. Be louder. Scream from the rooftops!!

And I am not ready.


ATEEZ – TREASURE EP.2: Zero to One

ATEEZ first ever comeback album TREASURE EP.2: Zero to One was released 15 January 2019 with title track “Say My Name”. I’m already excited for this whole comeback because of how amazing their debut was but also because of the concept for their first ever comeback – from their photos, their styling and the teasers – I’m about to have a heart attack. While that may seem too much for so early in the review, I should explain myself a little bit better so bare with me a little.

ATEEZ may have only been out for a few months but based of their pre-debut work, their debut songs, their album, their stage presence while performing and their natural charisma which radiates off them shows that they may be rookies but they have the mindset of veterans. I don’t think I have ever seen a rookie group go as hard as they have so I can’t help but sit back and watch each and every person fall in love with them.

I feel like I might be setting myself up to be on the biased side but I’ll really try to not. I pride myself on being as un-biased as I possibly can so if I don’t like a song, let me. People are entitled to their opinions and what doesn’t work for me may not be the same for you. Ok? Let’s get it!

First track “HALA HALA (Hearts Awakened, Live Alive)” was released as a performance video on 9 January, six days ahead of their official MV. I was initially confused at the time of release because I didn’t know if this was a teaser of the actual comeback song or not. I also heard that KQ was snatching reaction videos left, right and centre which ruled out my ability to film for this. It also made sense for it to be associated with the title track because they were wearing similar clothing to their concept photos.

In hindsight, I thought too much about it. When I watched the video I was a little on the confused side – I wanted it to be longer and it had elements I thought an ATEEZ song wouldn’t have. They’ve only released one album before this but they do have a sound I naturally expected – the anti-climax beat drop in “Pirate King”…that will forever be what I think of when the topic of ATEEZ is brought up. In saying that – I loved this song.

The MV was in black and white and which appealed to all the aesthetics I enjoy. What I didn’t enjoy was the fact their faces were covered so I couldn’t differentiate the members. I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll be able to figure it out quickly but seeing as I’m still a little rough around the edges in regards to who’s who of the group, I struggled. The video itself was really creative with the dancing extending out further than a normal MV which was super interesting. The song sounded like it could’ve been on the slower side but it quickly picked up and gave me the vibe I’ve naturally associate with an ATEEZ banger – that anti-climax drop.

While the performance video was only one and a half minutes, there is a full version on the album. The breakdown after the first chorus gave me goosebumps and I fell myself falling more into a trance – the song just has something about it that makes me forget everything around me. I liked the song from the MV but hearing the song in full makes me LOVE it.

ATEEZ – HALA HALA (Hearts Awakened, Live Alive)

Second track, and title, “Say My Name” is a great follow up to the intense first track. While it’s not as crazy as “HALA” it is nice to have a change in tempo and direction. In saying that, this song isn’t completely free of it’s ATEEZ staples which is the catchy hooks in the pre-chorus with a hell of a beat drop in the chorus. This song is very heavy Mingi which I don’t mind at all – his deep voice works perfectly for this song as he is the deep voice throughout the whole chorus. The MV was also super pretty and I like each and every set they shot in though I feel like I need a full performance version of them wearing their black outfits from their concept photos and the “HALA” performance video.

ATEEZ – “Say My Name”

Third track “Desire” gave me goosebumps in the first 20 seconds with it’s weird noises which gave me Transformer vibes. I wasn’t expecting the falsetto from the get-go so my attention is immediately grabbed. The drop in the chorus is incredible. And by drop I mean they completely drop almost all instrumentation which isolates the chorus in all the best ways. It’s still very EDM but sounds like they’re experimenting a little which is great. The bridge transition makes the songs sound dreamy before drastically changing direction into a more haunting sound which almost seems ridiculous but I like it! The fact it’s called “Desire” makes me NOT want to know what the translation is – it sounds sexy and sensual and I don’t need to see that. No thanks. But wow, what a great song.

“Light” sounds drastically different than the rest of the album. It has a more relaxed, chilled and almost coffee-house vibe. It’s strong R&B vibes, almost ’90s sounding which I clearly love. It’s not the ballad I was hoping for but I like this sound on them. I find a lot of their other songs are catered to their rap line so it’s nice to hear a song more suited to the vocals. In saying that the rap sections in this song are nice so it’s good to hear them able to change between tempos and genres. This chorus is killer and is relaxing me. Fast.

“Promise” is the last track and I’m happy they decided to end things on an upbeat song – having “Light” right at the end of the album would’ve made me not like it as much, don’t ask me why. It’s heavy EDM while still having some nice moments of beat changes through out which cater well to the different voices in the group. Honestly, it’s probably my least favourite song off the album but I wouldn’t say I dislike the song – I can actually see this song growing on me quickly the more I listen to it.

There is another song available on this album but you can only get it from the physical version. This track is “From” which, from ATINY who have watched their pre-debut content know this is from their KQ FELLAZ show. It’s super cute they included this song on their physical version as a gift to their fans – hidden tracks or CD only songs tend to be super cute.

As a whole, this album is great. One of the best albums I’ve heard this month. I feel like they’ve definitely got a sound which I will naturally associate with them which I definitely hear on the new tracks but I also feel like they’re trying something new as well. I love when an artist or group can experiment with their sound and I’m all for them evolving their music. It’s an understatement to say I’m excited to see where they go but I feel like this group has a very long and bright future ahead of them. I’m just thankful I’m in so deep so early on in their career so I can feel all kinds of good things when they blow up and get recognition for what they can offer to the genre.

This album is so good and I hope those who haven’t paid too much attention to this monster rookie group will sit down and learn – THIS IS HOW YOU DEBUT. THIS IS HOW YOU EXECUTE YOUR FIRST COME BACK. It’s a fabulous title track, a fabulous album from talented young men.



Listen to the album on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here).

Check out my reaction to “Say My Name” below:

How did you all like “Say My Name” and ATEEZ new album? Were there any songs that stood out to you and how did you like it in relation to their debut album? Let me know down below or leave me a message on Twitter!

Bye guys!

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