SEVENTEEN – YOU MADE MY DAWN Album First Listen + Review

I’m beyond excited to listen to this album. Not only did I really enjoy the title track for this comeback but “Getting Closer” is also on this album – this song gives me all kinds of feels I haven’t felt from SEVENTEEN since their Teen, Age album back in 2017.

I wasn’t a fan of their 2018 releases as a whole. There were the odd songs I enjoyed but I was left a little under-whelmed purely because of personal preference. 2017 was my year for SVT, not only did they release AI1 but also Teen, Age with releases like “Trauma”, “Change-up” and “Clap” absolutely ruining my life for a long period of time. “Getting Closer” was the sound I’d been waiting to hear from them so releasing it before their official comeback was a good move and I feel like it was specific to me XD. “Home” was also a lot more than I thought it would be as well but I’ll speak more about my opinion’s when we get to it.

ALBUM: You Made My Dawn

Available on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here).

SEVENTEENs sixth mini album You Made My Dawn was released 21 January 2019 with title track “Home”, the album being released as a follow up to last years You Made My Day album. This mini also includes “Getting Closer” which was released in December 2017 and not only showed a darker image from the group but also built up the excitement for their comeback.

First track “Good to Me” starts off a little lighter but in comes the beat which immediately takes me to 2017, with elements of “Change Up” and “Trauma” making me incredibly excited. It’s an electronic song with heavy synth and heavy bass which makes a really nice and fresh end product. The chorus has enough repetition to stick in my head after the song’s finished but not too much that it’s annoying – there’s a perfect balance.

Title track “Home” surprised the hell out of me. From the teasers I felt like it was going to be “Oh My” 2.0 which wasn’t going to sit well with me – I don’t go around broadcasting it but I didn’t like that song and I was scared this was going to be the same. But it wasn’t – and I love this song! It’s light while having great variations of building and pulling back, the vocal line absolutely slaying the chorus and the rap-line bring the lower tones. The MV was great and the choreography showcases how amazing SEVENTEEN is as a group – in my opinion they have the tightest choreography in all of KPop right now.

“Hug” is this albums vocal-line song. I haven’t connected to a SVT vocal-only song since 2017s “Habit”, which continues to be my favourite SVT track ever, so this song has big shoes to fill. It’s slow with some really nice guitar being the only instrument used. I find it to be interesting because there doesn’t seem to be a clear chorus or any real formula seen in typical pop songs so my attention is very much here. I need to definitely research this song further.

“Chilli” is the hip-hop units song. I’m a little put off by the auto-tune – you all should know how I feel about auto-tune by now – but the pre-chorus quickly pulls me back in. I would’ve liked the chorus to be a bit more like the pre-chorus but that’s my only grievance. There’s plenty of room in the background of this song which is nice as it doesn’t overwhelm and focuses more on their individual voices and what each member can bring.

The performance unit is in charge of fifth track “Shhh” and it’s making me uncomfortable. Why are they whispering?! I really really enjoy this song. There’s a nice variety of intensity as well as breakdowns which makes a typical electronic song pale in comparison to this level of variety and uniqueness. It’s not my favourite song off the album but I love the execution and the amount of fun it seems like they’re having. I’m interested to see what the actual performance of this song would be and how much Dino would ruin me… AGAIN!

Final track is “Getting Closer”. Honestly, I have nothing to say about this song. It’s perfection and everything I love about KPop wrapped up in one song and executed perfectly. The only thing better than the sound of the song is the choreography performed along with the audio. I would change nothing about the song nor the placement of it on the album. I love love LOVE it.

I’m genuinely pleased with this album. It’s been a while since a SEVENTEEN album killed me a little and I’m happy it was this one. There’s a lot of great moments for each song and I like how the tracks were arranged on the album, the whole thing just screams how amazing and original SVT is as a group – no one can touch or replicate what they’re doing, Woozi is god’s gift to music lovers. My favourite song off the album, aside from “Getting Closer” is “Good to Me” and I feel like it could’ve been their title track.

Great album. Great showcase of their talents as a group as well as the groups. I like it a lot!


How did you all like this album and the title track “Home”? Which song was your favourite and how does it compare to their previous releases? Let me know down below or message me on Twitter!

Bye guys!

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