CLC – NO.1 Album First Listen + Review

I haven’t clicked with a CLC song and album since Crystyle released with “Hobgoblin” in 2017. To be fair, they haven’t been as active as I would’ve liked and the songs they did release were a little meh for me. I don’t profess to know the ins-and-outs of this group but what I have heard of them I love this hard-hitting sound of theirs the most.

Like I mention above, I’m not hugely familiar with CLC but this more dirty hip-hop sound is my absolute favourite. I have seen “No” and I will talk about it more when I get to it but I have the highest expectations for the rest of this album.


Available on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here).

CLCs eighth mini album No.1 was released 30 January 2019 with title track “No” almost a year since their last comeback. “Black Dress” was a great song but it didn’t connect with me as much as I was expecting and I’ve been waiting for an album to make me as excited as Crystyle did. I know I’m repeating myself a little on that but when I love something, I’m telling everyone. Multiple times. Until they go and see what I was bleating on about. You all can thank me later.

By the sound of the teaser this was the album I’ve been waiting for and I’m so excited to hear the whole thing. I love a solid amount of tracks for girl groups and I’m happy this one has more than I expected. Time to get this ball rolling!

Title track “No” literally blew my mind and I’m kicking myself for not reacting to it. There are a lot of aspects of this song that made me lose it and it’s going to be hard for me to specify which parts more than others. It’s extremely retro sounding with large influences from house, hip-hop and a hook which comes straight out of the Golden Age of KPop. I mentioned earlier how I was drawn to “Hobgoblin” and I feel like I love this song even more than that. It is the purest form of female empowerment and I love love love it!

Second track “Show” has a different vibe to the title track but still stays under the same genre of electronic with a more light and tropical feel to it. The parts that really stand out to me are the slower more breathy vocal moments through the verses, almost as if they’re whispering. I really like this song.

“Breakdown” sounds more sultry than their previous two tracks which I highly appreciate. It does lean more towards the R&B side of things which I love and can’t help but liken it to RED VELVETs “Automatic” which is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard – this song would be on par. The weird air horn effect at the end of the chorus is a nice touch as well as it separates this song from other similar sounding songs. Something I’m noticing over their last three songs is they have some really nice bridge sections.

As soon as “Like It” starts I know it’s going to go in that hip-hop direction I enjoy and boy was I right. I like how it changes between hip-hop and that sultry sound heard in “Breakdown”. The chorus is nice and repetitive but the intensity during the rap sections are a real stand out. I want to see a choreography or live performance of this song, I feel like they’ll go real hard.

Last track “I Need U” is a heavy heavy house/dance track so I’m scared of how much I’m gonna like it – it’s not my favourite genre. Once again, the bridge is a stand out and it’s really saving this song for me. I don’t dislike this it at all. If anything, I feel like the more I listen to it the more I’ll like it.

Wow. What an album. W O W . I love this so so so much and has to be shortlisted as one of the best albums in January. I can’t pick a favourite b-side because my mind is full of “No” – my perfect song. Without a doubt it’s THE best song of 2019 so far and one of THE best songs I’ve ever heard. My rating would’ve been full marks if “I Need U” wasn’t included but that’s purely because of my personal preference. An absolute standout album!

MY RATING: 9.5/10

How did you all like CLCs new comeback? Are you new to them or have you followed them for a while? How did this new album and title track compare to their previous releases for you? Let me know down below or leave me a message on Twitter!

Bye guys!

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