LOONA – [X X] Album First Listen + Review

If I could get everyone to not speak of how long it took for me to listen to this album and focus on the fact LOONA has had their first ever official comeback! I’m so so SO excited to listen to it!!!


Available on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here).

LOONAs first comeback album [X X] was released on 19 February 2019 with title track “Butterfly”. While it is their first comeback I’m surprised it’s a repackaged version of their 2018 debut album [+ +] with twelve tracks in total but six new songs. I am a massive fan of their debut album and I continue to thrash it now, I’m just surprised they already have a repackaged album.

While I’m not hugely versed on the ins-and-outs of the group and their relationships with each other, I am a fan of their back catalogue. Who would’ve thought…me, who only listened to one girl group back when I started listening to K-Pop in 2015, is hailing LOONA as her (almost) favourite girl group. Honestly, I just love them so much.

First track “X X” is a little different than what I was expecting and what I expected was the carbon copy of the teaser they released a week before the MV. So I’m pleasantly surprised at the change. While we don’t usually get a lot with these first tracks on a LOONA album, it does serve as an intro to the next song which is their title track.

Second track and title “Butterfly” is exceptional the more and more you listen to it, it’s MV is pure art and whoever is in charge of their creative team needs to get an award or something. I did react to this MV so I’ll include it at the very end of this review but know I love it more now than I did at first watch. Beautiful!

Watch the official “Butterfly” MV here!

“Satellite” is the song I’ve heard the most about from the grapevine called My Twitter Timeline. My attention is immediately grabbed in the first 10secs and it doesn’t waver. The beginning of the song is really empty with most of the attention of the vocals before dropping in a chorus that is in a lower key than I expected. The rap section and the adding of the random bass moments gave me goosebumps and I’m quickly falling in love with this song.

Fourth track “Curiosity” is a little more hip-hop heavy than the previous tracks solely based on the beat. It does have a little more intensity to the background synths at the end of the lines in the chorus which is interesting, I haven’t heard them do this before. What I’m also noticing is that they’re changing up their tone directions – instead of increasing their vocal tones they’re switching it up and going lower. I personally like being on the tip of my toes so I really really appreciate this little touch.

“Colours” has an uptempo beat in the background during the verses which comes to the forefront at the chorus. I already know this song isn’t my favourite off the album purely because of the absence of tempo changes – you all should know by now how much I love them. In saying that, the break in the latter half of the song is really nice and almost makes me change my opinion. It would’ve been nice for them to stick to this new sound for the remainder of the song but it doesn’t happen so I’m right back to how I felt at the start. I wouldn’t say I dislike this song, it’s just a little meh for me.

Last song “Where You At” sounds like it’s gonna be a sweet little vocal masterpiece and BOY WAS I RIGHT! I like the pace of the song as well as how delicate and soft the vocals are. The chorus maintains the same vibe as the verses though it is a little more busy but I think they match both sections really well. I also like how the chorus becomes a kind of chanting moment as I can hear there’s a lot of different voices in there which is a great decision for the final song. I’m gonna put it out there but this one might be a favourite.

LOONA tends to have a sound that is very synonymous with them and it’s purely based around the electronic genre. What I love is that they vary the intensity within this genre and include influences from different genres which has made them a great catalogue of work so far. And I’m not sick of it. Honestly, I could listen to their music over and over and not get tired of their sound.

I think my favourite songs off this repackaged album aside from “Butterfly” are “Satellite” and “Where You At” and it’s another fantastic album to add to the impressive vault of what LOONA can do and what they can bring to the world.

Check out my reaction to “Butterfly” below!

MY RATING: 9.5/10

I would’ve given the album full marks but “Colours” was too iffy for me but aside from that it’s a perfect album! What song’s were your favourites? Let me know down below or leave me a message on Twitter!

Bye guys!

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