(G)I-DLE – I MADE Album First Listen + Review

I’m a little wishy washy with (G)I-DLE. Their debut song and their first album left be without words but everything after that has been a little so-so. Still, I’m excited to listen to this album and hopefully it does something for me this time around.

ALBUM: I made

Available on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here).

(G)I-DLEs second mini album I made was released 24 February 2019 with title track “Señorita”. Their last comeback for “Hann (Alone)” came without an album so I’m excited to hear their growth since their debut mini.

Like I mentioned above, I loved their debut and I can hear a clear difference in their sound with the rest of the girl groups around. It would be foolish to say I don’t hear familiarity in Soyeon’s voice and how similar she sounds to the other female rappers but my favourite thing about (G)I-DLE is their vocal-line. They have some of the most unique female vocals at the moment in regards to their tones and if you disagree with me go and listen to “LATATA” and pay extra attention to the vocal verses.

I’ll be honest, I’m almost completely done with this Latin-influenced sound in recent K-Pop. I don’t mind the odd influence but when the entire song leads us in that direction so blatantly I feel a little defeated. Which is why when their teasers for “Señorita” were released I was petrified.

But first track “Señorita” was so much better than I was expecting! Although the song is very heavily grounded in the Latin sound, what they do at the start of their verses with the whispering and the music of the rap sections was amazing. The song almost takes on a flamenco feeling as well which isn’t what I was expecting. I also want to know who the male is whispering…he needs to quit. I would’ve liked the chorus to be on the same level as the verses so I’m left a little on the fence about that particular part. The rest of the song is more than enough for me to be in love with.

Watch their official MV for “Señorita” here!

“What’s Your Name” is a different direction than what I was expecting – I thought they would’ve gone in a similar way to “Señorita” but they’ve gone back to their usual sound. I like the little drop and increase in intensity in the chorus and the second verse. The all-around beat and sound of the majority of the song isn’t my favourite, I’m not gonna lie, but the changes throughout makes the song a winner for me. The vocals going on in the background of the chorus are incredible and I ended up liking this song a lot!

Third track “Put It Straight” is a lot slower than expected and I love the vocal harmonies through the verses – it almost gives a haunting feel and I have goosebumps! The chorussssssss!!! I’m falling in love with this song and the ambiance they’ve shoving down my throat and I almost want to cry. What a creative and different song for them which really caters to the groups vocals more than anything else and the fact I can pay attention to their unique vocals is making this song quickly become my favourite (G)I-DLE song ever.

“Give Me Your” is a lot different from not only this album and a (G)I-DLE song but a Korean Pop song in general. It almost gives me jazzy vibes but I’m also feeling an element of Broadway as well. I’m confused as hell but I love it even more for how different it is. It does stick to a slower beat which helps it fit in with “Put It Straight” so I understand why it was included in this album. Don’t get me wrong, I love rapper Soyeon but she’s also a really good vocalist. This is a great and creative route for the girls which caters heavily to their vocal-line so I’m in heaven right now.

Last track “Blow Your Mind” is just a step away from “Give Me Your” as it has the same kind of sound yet more upbeat. It has a funky beat yet has interesting moments after the chorus and in the rap section. I’m not sure why they included this song on the album but I can’t seem to dislike it. Honestly I’m on the fence a little bit and I think it’s because I was expecting the last song to be a little more hard-hitting. Yet I’m also not angry about it. Clearly I’m all over the place and I think it’s because of the album as a whole.

This album was not only what I wanted but what I wasn’t expecting at the same time. I feel like they went towards genres and did some things vocally I was unaware they could do – they told a story of their strengths but also of the directions they could possibly go. I love this album and the different influences and vibes they have and I’m quickly feeling like this album has beaten their debut. It’s for sure the best album I’ve heard throughout the entire duration of February and I can’t wait to see what they do next.


What did you all think of the album and were there any songs that stood out for you? How do you feel about their place in the realm of active girl groups? Let me know what you think down below or leave me a message on Twitter!

Bye guys!

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