SF9 – NARCISSUS Album First Listen + Review

I’ve had my fair share of a love-hate relationship with SF9, some of their albums I haven’t been fond of but their last album Sensuous was fantastic. I’m excited to hear what this album sounds like because “Enough” is so damn good and it’s been on heavy rotation since it came out.

ALBUM: Narcissus

Available on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here).

SF9s sixth mini album Narcissus was released 20 February 2019 with title track “Enough”. I’m crazy excited for this album because of how much I loved their last comeback and album and I finally feel like they’re back in a more sophisticated version of when I first fell in love with them.

Title track “Enough” is so good, more than what I was hoping it would be considering the standard they set for themselves in their last comeback. It’s a slower song and gives off a nice amount of sultry sexiness that’s very much appreciated in my opinion. The hook of the chorus is super catchy and the tune gets stuck in my head quickly. They’ve always had really good choreography and stage presence with their title tracks but this time I feel like the look, the sound and the choreo are matched so perfectly it needs to get them a win on whatever show they want. An amazing comeback!

Watch the official MV for “Enough” here!

“Play Hard” is a lot more upbeat than the title track yet has a deep house sound which is interesting. Although it is a totally different feel than the previous one I can’t fault it’s existence and placement on the album. Unfortunately it does have that annoying air horn sound I’ve heard one too many times in a Korean song over the last year to last me a life time but the fact it’s placed slightly on the back-step of the track is a lot easier to take. The only thing I’d really note as a slight minus is the lack of tempo variety but it’s not a big negative for me. The switch up in the latter section of the song is definitely enough to put the song into the ‘good’ category.

Third track “Heartbeat” gives me goosebumps immediately. I mean, what the bloody hell is happening here?! I love this song so so much! It’s definitely more on the slower side, varies intensity between the verses and chorus and I wouldn’t change a damn thing. There’s something almost a cappella about the start of their verses which hits me in all the best places and it’s a great artistic choice. The switch up in the bridge is a little confusing but the guitar riff brings the song straight back to normal again so I’m happy.

“Life Is So Beautiful” seems like it’s going to be a ballad but boy is it not. I like how the beat is a little more relaxed in this song and maintains this through the verses. The vocals in the pre-chorus are beautiful and I’d love to see this song live. The chorus was amazing and I was covered in goosebumps – there are minimal words yet the intensity of the music more than made up for that. The bridge is beautiful when it starts in falsetto which is then carried into the ad libs in the last chorus. I’m beginning to sense they’re doing some really nice bridges in this album and you all should know how much I love a good bridge.

“Fall In Love” is the ballad I thought “Life Is So Beautiful” was going to be. There’s an element of hip-hop to this song which I haven’t heard from SF9 before and I love it. It relies heavily on the drums with some nice piano work as well. I like the melody a lot and with the introduction of some orchestral influences in the chorus I feel like it would be the perfect song for a Korean drama. I really really enjoy this song. It might have to be my favourite off the album so far.

Last track “The Beat Goes On” is again a different sound than the rest of the album, slightly light hearted and laid back and a nice vibe to end an album on. I would’ve liked this song to be a little more hard-hitting to match the rest of the album so I’m left feeling a little on the fence about this one.

As a whole, the album is great. While the last song left me on a weird feeling, the rest of the album showed a great amount of SF9s talent and how they stand out from the rest. Electronic seems to be their sound but I’m pleasantly surprised they included different sounds and went in different directions than what I was expecting. This album is one of my favourites from February and I’m excited to see what they do next, this album teased a lot of different genres so I’m interested to see if they go towards them more in their next album.


What ddid you all think of the boys new album? Were there any tracks that stood out for you? Let me know down below or leave me a message on Twitter!

Bye guys!

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