JUS2 – FOCUS Album First Listen + Review

GOT7s sinful duo. One is a grandpa, the other is a baby. How will we ever make it through this?

Those who don’t know or are totally unaware – I have a deep and intense relationship with GOT7. They’re the group that got me in to Kpop back in 2015 and have been a ult group ever since. Naturally, JB is my number 1 ultimate bias and Yugyeom is my second GOT7 bias. They’re dangerous separately but together??? This will be interesting.

I also feel some type of way about GOT7 being hands on with their music and since they started doing so their sound has absolutely flourished. JB can write an amazing song and Yugyeom gives a great performance aspect so I’m interested and excited to hear which directions they’re going to go in.

ALBUM: Focus

Available on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here)!

GOT7 sub-unit JUS2s debut album Focus was released 5 March 2019 with title track “Focus On Me” releasing two days prior. As I briefly mentioned above, having both these boys in one unit together is dangerous – not only visually but musically as well. They have a lot of commonalities with each other: their performance, their music tastes and also their SoundCloud content. All of which are going to be interesting to see how they incorporate everything.

I did film a reaction to title track “Focus On You” (which I’ll leave at the end of this review) and, aside from my hysterics of the visuals, I really enjoyed the song. I am desperately in need of listening to the song without any visual accompaniment. The song isn’t as bass-centred as I would’ve expected but I like how the overall song doesn’t deviate from the ambiance. I do know what the lyrics are and we’re just going to bypass that, I’m still not entirely over it.

Watch “Focus On Me” here!

“Drunk On You” was the song that stood out to me from the teasers, it sounded very slow-jam R&B which is right up my street. But thirty seconds in I’m kind of floored. The boys semi-rapping along to an acoustic accompaniment is a shock and I love it. The beat I heard in the teaser comes in and I’m in love. It’s a lot slower than I would’ve thought and I can hear the bass I was expecting in “Focus on You.” I am struggling a little bit with the rap singing – I haven’t heard this from either boy since debut era and I welcome it with open arms. The acoustic guitar takes on a kind of Spanish feel around the bridge with is a nice touch – it’s a slight change but I feel like it adds a little something to the song in the best kind of way.

Third track “Touch” starts with piano which has me afraid initially but everything calms down when the beat comes in. It does sound like it’s going to build in the chorus though which it kind of does but not in the way I thought. I love how Yugeyom sings the pre-chorus, my favourite section for him to sing, and the chorus is sung in complete falsetto which automatically makes this an absolute win. It almost has a trance vibe to it as it’s building which I’m assuming is for intensity purposes. I like this song a lot and I don’t know why the teaser for this one didn’t stand out to me.

“Senses” is a little more fast-paced than the other tracks and it’s not a genre I particularly enjoy. It does have a kind of tropical house vibe to it which is cool because I know they could both perform the hell out of it. I can, however, hear the english words in the chorus which is steering me in a direction I was turning a blind eye to but they won’t let me. The part where they start whispering in english gave me the goosebumps – I’m wearing over-ear headphones and it always creeps me out when I can hear a voice moving between the left and right ear.

“Love Talk” is the same kind of vibe to the previous, there’s that element of tropical house but this song has a little more grit to it – a dirty baseline if you will. Having this adds a kind of funkiness to it which is what I needed to save this song for me. Like I mentioned before, this is not a genre I like so I almost feel like I’m going to say pass and move on to the last track. What I do like is that they tried out this sound together. I also can’t help but want to see live performances of these last two songs. Or even them performing this at a club like when JB performed with Deepshower, that would be really cool.

Last track “Long Black” has me clenching my entire body. The pace of this song, the tone of their vocals and the music choices they’re making is making me freak out. I love that it has a theatricality to it in regards to the ups and downs between the vocals and the music. I’d have to say this song is my favourite along with “Drunk On You” and it’s a fantastic song to end on. 

I love how this album is exactly what I thought it was going to be yet nothing like I was expecting. It does have similar traits to their SoundCloud stuff but I also think they brought things to the table they’ve never done solo before. I love how each of they contributed to each song yet allowed each other to have their moment without stepping on each others toes.

It’s a duo that was always meant to happen – they’re the two member who are closest music and dance wise so I can’t wait to now go and watch their showcase. A beautiful album with great artistry!


Watch my reaction to “Focus On Me” below!

What did you all think of “Focus On Me” and the rest of JUS2s album? Let me know down below or leave me a message on Twitter!

Bye guys!


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