TXT – THE DREAM CHAPTER: STAR Album Review + First Listen

Yes, I’m super late with this but life sometimes gets in the way. I do apologise but I’m here now so let’s get this thing going. I’m so overjoyed that this is finally happening – their debut is (finally!) here. I don’t know if it’s because they’re through BigHit that I’m curious or because we were deprived of hearing even their speaking voices for so long but I’m ready for them to scream from the rooftops from now on.

I do want to set in place a little disclaimer which I touched on in my reaction for “Crown” – TXT are not BTS, comparing them to each other is a no-no. I, personally, have high expectations from a song production point of view. Slow Rabbit and Pdogg are fantastic producers and I know the level of music they generate but that is my only expectation. Please be respectful of these boys and the talents they have not the group that came before them.

Their album teaser sounded great. There were songs that stood out to me for sure and I think there was only one where I was a little meh about but overall I’m excited to listen to it. I’m unsure whether I’ll look into the lyrics while listening to the songs or including them into the review but I’ll for sure check them out. MNet released a cool story about a boy with horns on his head in relation to this song which is really cool so I’m interested in their storytelling. But again, I’ll probably do that after this review.

ALBUM: The Dream Chapter: STAR

Available on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here)!

TXTs debut album The Dream Chapter: STAR was released 4 March 2019 with title track “Crown”. While we knew very little about them and very rarely hear their voices, excitement was very high due to their company and their older label mates. It’s important to remember their ages and how long they’ve been in training for – hopefully doing this stops people from comparing them to BTS. I’m sure it’s a position full of pressure for them so let’s enjoy them for the music they make, not anyone else.

First track “Blue Orangeade” is, I’m assuming, the b-side they’re promoting with. I’m immediately caught off guard with this song. There’s elements of barbershop, old school hip-hop and pop so I’m thoroughly shaken. Regardless of that fact, the song does still stay light and has an element of funkiness – the hook at the end of the chorus is particularly great. I like their verse progressions and I can clearly hear how each is different by adding or taking away elements. The breakdown in the bridge is great, you all know how I love that, and it’s a great start to the album.

Title track “Crown” is so so SO good! I did a MV reaction to it which I will leave at the very end of this review so check it out if you’re interested in my initial impression. After listening to it a few more times though I like it more than I originally did. What I didn’t notice in the MV is how solid their vocal line is, the melody in the chorus is amazing and is the thing that stands out the most to me. While they’re not particularly thick-voiced, they sound like they can easily reach the higher notes which is good. I wish there had been more from the rap-line in this song to balance out the higher vocal tones but that’s me just nitpicking at nothing. Honestly, this is a great debut and I’m so in love with it!

Watch “Crown” here!

“Our Summer” seems like it’s in a different direction than the other two songs. While it does have that same light feeling, it definitely plays into that summery feel implied by the title. It does have traces of reggaton/dancehall vibes which is much appreciated by me because they don’t use it in excess. It’s also the first track where there’s a noticeable building of the music but there’s no drop. Once again, the bridge is great and I already feel like they’re gonna be good vocalists in the future. I’m not sure if I like this song or I find it a little average overall but I definitely don’t dislike it. She’s light, happy and I feel like it’ll grow on me the more I listen to it.

Fourth track “Cat and Dog” seems like it could be super weird and BOY IS IT!! It’s weird, sure, but why does it sound like some hip-hop/trap at the same time. I like how there is that clear theme in the chorus but when the music strips away in the verses I can’t help but pay attention to the song more. There’s a deep voice I can hear in there but I’m not sure if it’s one of the boys actual voice or it’s been altered. There is ACTUAL barking happening in the background and I’m so confused yet I keep the song playing because…why do I still like it?! I do like this song, it has a nice rap verse in the second half which is what I was missing from the earlier tracks.

“Nap Of A Star” is going to ruin me. When I first heard it in the teaser, as I’m listening to the full version now…it’s pulling at all kinds of emotion for me. The guitars, the falsetto and the soft vocals are making me feel sad and I don’t know what the lyrics are yet. The vocal runs in the background give me chills and purely based on them I want to put this song on par with “Crown”. I can’t even specify what about this song is making me love it but I feel it. I do think is is SUPER slow and a strange way to end an album but the dreamlike feeling I’m getting from it makes sense and I’m here for it. It’s just an all round beautiful song.

This album was fun, youthful and a good way to start off their careers. I’m not too sure how much depth this has to it but I like it for what it is and how true to their age it is – not too old but also not younger than them. It’s difficult to say what direction they’ll be going in for their future endeavours and I’m still a little uncertain of their skill set thus far but I am interested in where they’re about to go. I like a lot of the songs and feel half-and-half about one track so over all it was great!


Watch my “Crown” reaction below!

How did you all like TXTs debut? Were there any songs that stood out to you off the album? Let me know down below or leave me a message on Twitter!

Bye guys!


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