MAMAMOO – WHITE WIND Album First Listen + Review

I’m excited to hear this album – mostly because Hwasa’s my girl but I’m always curious which direction MAMAMOO will go in. They have a full arsenal of talents and genres already covered in their back catalogue so I’m always awaiting their new ventures.

I’ve been a bit iffy about MAMAMOO in the past and it all boils down to their inappropriate behaviour in the past. I’m definitely not as opposed to them as I once was but it is a steady build up to get back to how pumped they made me. I love each members solo work over the last year and “Egotistic” was amazing so I’m definitely feeling a good way about them again. It’s my hang up I know, I just wanted to state why I don’t really post about them or film reactions for them. Anyway!

ALBUM: White Wind

Available on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here)!

MAMAMOOs ninth mini album White Wind was release 14 March 2019 with title track “gogobebe”. From what I’ve read this album marks the end of their Four Seasons Four Colours Project, this album representing Wheein.

Like I mentioned above I’m curious about where the girls are gonna take me this time around. I very rarely enjoy a MAMAMOO album from start to finish so I’m excited to see how this album will be. I am absolute Hwasa trash and I tend to focus on her a lot so I’ll actively make the effort to take notice of the other members.

First track “Where R U” sounds like they’re sticking to the summer feel heard in earlier albums but when the beat kicks in it’s taken to a more reggae mood. I enjoy the pace a lot while melodically it’s fantastic – but what else could I expect from a MAMAMOO song. I’m a bit iffy on Moonbyul’s verse and how it fits with the rest of the song but that’s only nitpicking. It somehow reminds me of Rihanna’s A Girl Like Me album so I’m enjoying that throwback but loving the fact MAMAMOO is doing this sound.

I wish I’d done a reaction for the “gogobebe” MV but their songs are always a toss up for me – either I don’t like them or I LOVE them, there’s no in between. I absolutely love this song as well as the MV. I like how it’s close to “Egotistic” with the Spanish influences yet has momentary references to Hwasa’s “Twit” at the same time. The performance value of this song is also really good and shows how they’re the only ones going hard like this. It’s the perfect amount of sexiness and great vocals!

Watch “gogbebe” here!

Third track “Waggy” has me confused – the beat to it is super strange to me. It’s a sound MAMAMOO has never done before so I’m a little shell-shocked right now. I enjoy the vocals of the song but from first listen I find it a little annoying. I can tell this opinion will change when I listen to it more but for right now it’s a meh from me.

They connection between this album and Wheein is made even more clear with her solo song “25”. I’ve been really enjoying her recently as well. When I first got into MAMAMOO I was more Solar and Hwasa focused but Wheein has blindsided me with some kind of next level ferocity. I feel like it’s because of her solo work last year and when she cut her hair short – it just does something for me! Either way, this song is another reason why I love her.

It’s slow yet builds intensity consistently throughout so the listener isn’t bored. I absolutely love when she goes up into her higher register and she doesn’t sound like she’s over signing which is a problem I have when it comes to great female vocalists. I absolutely love this song!

Fifth track “Bad Bye” starts off theatrically, almost film noir-esque. I like the minimal instrumentation in the verse with only the percussion but absolutely LOVE how the song builds. Wow, this song gave me goosebumps and made me stank face as soon as the chorus hit. Moonbyul’s verse is ridiculous and is the best I’ve heard her for a long time. I love love L O V E this song!

“My Star” sounds like it’s a little closer to hip-hop than the others, using a strong focus on the bass and heavy percussion throughout. I feel like it’s a great song to listen to at a club so my inner dancing queen is positively living! It’s another really strong Moonbyul song, too. I can hear some Mariah Carey vocals happening in the background towards the end which is really cool.

Final track “4seasons (outro)” has a nice tempo to end the album. Much like the first track, it has a calming element to it yet uses a lot more bass when comparing both songs – a nice little touch to signify the end of the album. Although it is on the shorter side I actually think making it longer would’ve taken away from how much I enjoy it.

Wow, this album is exceptional! I haven’t liked a MAMAMOO album like this EVER so I’m living my best life right now. I like how they went towards a different direction than their previous albums, a sound I would usually associate with Hwasa yet now I know it’s Wheein-focused. In saying that I don’t think any of the girls sounded out of place on these tracks, they actually all excelled – Moonbyul in particular did especially well.

MY RATING: 9.5/10

What did you all think of this album and were there any tracks that stood out to you? Let me know down below or leave me a message on Twitter!

Bye guys!

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