VERIVERY – VERI-US Album First Listen + Review

Already in 2019 we’ve had some new groups debut. I don’t think I’ve ever written reviews for a groups debut when I have no kind of information on them – VERIVERY is one of two groups like this. In saying that, doing so leaves me without bias and it can give me a more fresh take on the group and what I like or don’t like about them.

For those new to how I do things, I’m very rarely negative except for those special occasions but if I don’t like something I will say it. This is also a space where I welcome those with different point of view yet I don’t allow nastiness – you can do that elsewhere.

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RM – mono Album First Listen + Review

There is no way for me to convey my intense excitement for this album through a computer screen. I am beyond excited and beyond ready to hear it. I’m expecting a lot of slower songs, a lot of Joon singing and a lot of high-quality song writing. Like I mentioned in my “Forever Rain” review I won’t be reading translations before listening but I’m debating where I’ll mention the lyrics at all in this review.

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MONSTA X – TAKE 1: ARE YOU THERE Album First Listen + Review

“Shoot Out” was a little nostalgic for me as it took me back to early MONSTA X and the style of music that first got me interested in them years ago. I do have to warn you all that this review is going to be extremely honest and if you’re not fond of reading other peoples opinions, you should leave now. I’m going to be overly critical of this album so as long as you know that then let’s continue.

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