SUNMI – WARNING Album First Listen + Review

After finally listening to “Siren” my excitement for Warning has grown exponentially. Since the release of “Gashina” I’ve been wanting an album. When “Heroine” was released I wanted an album. Now, we finally get one, albeit only small. I’m not too sure how the album’s going to relate to those two earlier releases – I’m assuming they’ll be cohesive considering they’re both on this album. Oh, I’m just so excited to listen to it!

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NCT DREAM – WE GO UP Album First Listen + Review

I’m super excited to hear this mini album. I have already expressed in my “We Go Up” first look how I’m late to the DREAM party but the last two title tracks they’ve released have really impressed me. I don’t know what changed my opinion, maybe it’s their aging or the fact they can explore genres that are more my type of thing. Either way, I’m here now and love this particular direction for them.

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BTS – LOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer’ Album Review + Breakdown

Okay, okay. I know, I know. BTS had a comeback and I haven’t said shit about it. I have zero excuses and zero need to explain myself for this. What I will do is outline what this post is going to be about.

Yes, I have obviously seen “Idol” and listened to the album – there will be no MV First Look or Album First Listen for this era. This post is going to be an overview of the songs individually as well as collectively. My first impressions of the songs are no longer valid, I’ve listened to them too many times to have maintained my initial reactions to them. Feel free to keep reading this post though I’m sure a lot of you will already know how I feel about these songs, but for those of you who are just nosey, keep reading!

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I heard about WOODIE GOCHILD through the last season of Show Me The Money. While I did like his fun and happy vibe, I wasn’t overly blown away by him as an artist. This is entirely due to my preferences of hiphop in general and in no way is a personal dislike of his talent.

This review is also going to be a little different. In the past I have gone through each song and talked about what I did and didn’t like about it, solely based on first listen. For this album I did find I was talking about the same thing with each new song so decided to do an overview rather than a song-by-song review.

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SUPER JUNIOR D&E – ‘BOUT YOU Album First Listen + Review

I remember hearing the album preview SM let out on their YouTube channel and I was extremely impressed and curious to how it would sound. I did express in my “‘Bout You” MV first look that I’m not a Super Junior fan musically but that I enjoy the members themselves – Eunhyuk and Donghae both being biases at some point. Even though I do have these feelings towards the group collectively, I am walking into this first listen with an open mind, hoping that it’ll turn me into more of a fan.

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