My Favourite Groups – Part 6.2

Now it’s time for the my last instalment to my introduction for my favourite groups and it is none other than the beautiful babies that are IKON!! Being a fan of IKON tends to be quite stressful as I feel that YG doesn’t let this group in particular shine enough – they’re either away in Japan on tours or they’re just not having a comeback. Although their time away from the public isn’t/wasn’t as severe as WINNER’s it still really kills me. But I’ll speak more of that at the end of this post.Read More »

My Favourite Groups – Part 4.2

So it’s time to move on to the reasons why I love each and every member of MONSTA X. For this post specifically I’ll be referring to them as MX – just purely out of laziness :):):)

Each and every one of the members have a special place in my heart for different reasons. All members should be equally appreciated as without any of them the group wouldn’t be the same. They all have different personalities therefore they all have different roles in the group.Read More »

My Favourite Groups – Part 4.1

Continuing on with this series of my favourite groups the rest of the groups I’ll be mentioning will be in no particular order. The first three groups, GOT7, BTS and B.A.P are all clear favourites of mine – they’re in a league of their own in my books. The rest of the groups I’ll be mentioning aren’t as high up as those top three but they’re still my favs!

For Part 4, I’ll be talking about a group that’s only just recently come out of their rookie period. Some people may call them rookies but I think they’re beyond that right now. This group is none other than MONSTA X!Read More »

My Favourite Groups – Part 3.2

B.A.P has always been and will always be very close to being one of my favourite groups ever. Although the love I have for GOT7 and BTS cannot be replaced. B.A.P affects me in different ways.

Like the other Part .2s this post will be about the individual members of the group, showing my love for each and everyone of them. I’ll be doing this blog with the same formula – the eldest to the maknae.Read More »