My Favourite Groups – Part 2.2

Hopefully you guys handled my fangirling over BTS well. I really really tried to stick to my predetermined schedule so hopefully I wasn’t too all over the place hahahaha.

Due to this post being Part 2.2, it will be about the individual members and why I love each and every one of them. For BTS though, I’m really going to struggle hahaha I’ve always had clear biases – at one time I’ve had 3 biases at once – so to prevent this indecisiveness and inconsistency I’ve tended to have towards my biases in BTS, I’ve managed to establish 2 biases and the other five members are all equal. By the end of this post you hopefully will notice that I appreciate all members for different reasons.Read More »

My Favourite Groups – Part 2.1

Time to move on to my #2 group – first equal with GOT7 – and that is of course the genius that is the boys of BTS!

Although I’m calling them first equal, they’re my favourite for different reasons than GOT7. While GOT7 was the first group I got to know – so they hold a special place in my heart – BTS is a group that I went out of my way to get to know and in turn am now obsessed.Read More »

My Favourite Groups – Part 1.1

So now I’m going to head in to my favourite groups – the first part is going to be about their released singles and albums, the second part will be about the individual members. I’m not sure if I’m going to include my biases for each group as I go through, or save that for future posts. Maybe I’ll decide at the end of this post for what the best option will be…

So first up my top Top TOP bias group (first equal with the next group) is none other than a group I’ve already talked about before: GOT7Read More »