K-Pop Songs: M – Mama Don’t Worry by SAM KIM

Sam Kim is the only Korean soloist that is so close to my perfect vocal. There’s something about the sound of his voice that constantly gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Although Mama Don’t Worry wasn’t the first song I heard of his – it was actually Think About’ Chu feat. Loco – but it was the first song that I felt a deep connection to. After hearing this song and looking up the translations I was absolutely sold and have since become a massive fan of his.

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K-Pop Songs: M – Maze of Reality by HA DONG QN

So this song is a lot different than the other songs I’ve mentioned so far. I wouldn’t class it as “K-Pop” but it is clearly still in Korean. It’s also a lot slower than the pervious songs so I’m excited to talk about it.

This song was another one that I just stumbled across. I’m so happy I did listen to it with open ears because it is by far one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

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K-Pop Songs: L – Love and Affection by SEOHYUN

The fact that I have a SNSD member in this list is a shock to even me. For those of you who don’t know – I’m not a massive follower of Girls Generation or girl groups in general. For some reason I struggle with them a lot of the time but I’m trying to get more used to them.

Seohyun’s solo took my breath away and as soon as I heard this album I fell in love. I know Taeyeon gets a lot of attention through her solo activities but to me, Seohyun’s album was more my cup of tea, hence why Love and Affection is featured in this list.

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K-Pop Songs: J -Just One Day by BTS

Yes, another BTS song! But believe it or not, it was really hard for me to pick songs with the letter J so you’ll have to deal with my Bangtan fangirling for a lil bit.

BTS is great for their upbeat bangers but I actually prefer their softer, more ballad-type songs. I don’t know if it’s because their voices and tonal differences inside their own group is what helps or the fact the members are so hands on with all their songs but I’m very attached to a lot of their ballads. Including Just One Day.Read More »