I’ve made a decision – [Album Review]

Ok, so I’ve thought a bit about this review business. So for the best way for me to get through the huge amount of albums I have to listen to for the rest of Feb and the entirety of March, I’ll only be doing spot reviews to things. It’s the best alternative I have for reviews while still maintaining this site, filming for YouTube, working my Twitter and have a 40 hour a week job.

I know that seems super whiny but it’s not meant to be. People do a lot more under a lot more pressure, but I only get paid for my 9-5 job, everything else is just a hobby for me.

I think this is a good idea until I’m caught up with everything and after that I’ll get back to the regular programmed schedule.

[Album Review] – thoughts…

So it appears to me that I’ve been writing a lot of reviews on lesser known albums for the month of Feb. I’m starting to wonder if I should stick to writing reviews on the albums that fly under the radar or continue with my current template – reviews on albums that either exceed my expectations or the ones that fall lower than them.

There are a lot of albums that aren’t talked about enough – mainly from Korean R&B artists – so I think I’m going to have to either reevaluate this process or keep doing what I’m doing….

I don’t know why I’m having a think about this to be honest hahaha I’m just overwhelmed with albums at the moment but I am drawing near to the last couple of albums to listen to for the month of Feb which I’m so excited for. In saying that, I haven’t even started looking into the albums and MVs that came out in March yet so this is going to be a looooooong process.

But I’ll get there, I swear.

will get there!

UPDATE! – [Feb Album Reviews]

Hey guys!

So I’m finally going through my February albums and I’ve been noticing that not a lot have been speaking to me. Remember – I will only write reviews for album that either exceeded my expectations or didn’t quite meet them. For the albums I find pretty average, I won’t write a review on it.

But I am listening to albums, don’t think my absence on reviews dictates anything other than that. There are some coming, so prepare yourself 🙂


Bye guys!


it’s been a terrible two weeks…

Hey guys!

For those of you who regularly keep up with my blog you’d know I’ve been totally absent from here for over a week. Actually, more than that. I tend to queue posts so I don’t have to stress about posting every day. And a week isn’t really that long to be away from here as I’ve been away for months before posting so it’s not that big of a deal. But I did want to talk about what’s been going on in my life. Sometimes I find it easier to deal with when I get everything out in the open without having to talk about it multiple times to different people. I’m not too sure when I’ll have the courage to post this – it’s currently Wednesday 7th Feb – so we’ll see how I feel at the end of this post.

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what i did…

So I’ve been absent from here for a few days. After concentrating on posting here multiple times every day while I’v been on holiday, I’ve let it slip for the past two days. Normally I would apologise for that but I have been absent from here for months on end so a couple days is nothing.

In two days I’ve managed to have a day-long alcohol bender, eat McDonalds three times a day and sweat through multiple t-shirts (due to the ridiculous New Zealand heat.)

I don’t necessarily talk about myself too much on this site but something you should definitely know about me is: I don’t like to do anything. I’d be perfectly happy to sit at home and find things to do so you can imagine how impressed I was at myself for how particularly exciting the past couple days have been for me.

But I’m back in the world on WordPress now. I’ve had some time away without feeling the pressure of coming up with things to post about, watched three seasons of One Tree Hill and feeling refreshed.

I’ll go back to my regularly programmed schedule tomorrow 😊

Bye guys!


so i have an idea…

I have an idea of what to do once K-POP SONGS: A-Z finishes. Although it probably won’t be an every day kind of series – which is actually what I should be trying to figure out – but I think it could be a good idea in general.

Due to this idea initially not being mine I have asked permission from the originator. Whether that person started off the idea in the first place, I’m not too sure, she’s just the first person I follow on social media that has done something like this. As I just mentioned, I’ve asked their permission. When I see a cool idea and would like to try it I always ask permission out of respect to their idea. I’m not the type of person to just take idea’s – regardless of how different my take on it would be – I just think people should be credited where it’s due.

So, I’m just waiting for her answer back. Hopefully she’s ok with it – she’s a lovely person so she could say yes – but either way I’ll no doubt write on here for what her answer is and then I can go from there.


Bye guys!


what next?…

I’m nearing the end of my K-Pop Songs:A-Z series and I have no idea what else to do as a new series. I have been listening to a few of my playlists on Spotify over the last few days and there’s a few songs in there that I think are massively overlooked or unknown.

I’m not one to dig very deep when it comes to finding the obscure and independent songs coming out of Korea but I’m thinking I might make a series about these rarely known songs. But I’m not too sure…

What do you think?? Or do you maybe have some ideas for another series you’d like me to do on this site?? Leave me comments down below!

Bye guys!