K-Pop Songs: N – Now or Never by MONSTA X

MONSTA X is one of my favourite groups for a lot of reasons. Although I have like a lot of their albums their most recentĀ The Code is their first album that I’ve enjoyed every song. Although I would’ve liked to talk about songs like “Dramarama” and “Tropical Night” which are a different genre and vibe than their normal sound, I wanted to talk about “Now Or Never” – a song that highlights all of MONSTA Xs strongest points.

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I’ve just come straight from watching an interview from The Zach Sang show on YouTube. For those who kept up with the interviews BTS had while they were in America for the AMAs you’ll be familiar with who Zach Sang is. He was the first interviewer during their stay that actually talked about their music and took time to do his research about their history, back catalogue and also about their recent work with UNICEF. Yes, he would’ve been given tips by a lot of ARMYs out there but the fact he actually listened to them was great. Considering what the rest of the interviewers were asking them (“Who is your celebrity crush?” “What is your favourite movie?”) Zach’s questions were 100% refreshing and necessary and I know a lot of ARMY really appreciated it.Read More »

TOP 17 KPOP SONGS OF 2017 | Hana Rosey

Time for my final 2017 video which is none other than my Top 17 Songs of 2017. Last year was fantastic for K-Pop. I’m not talking about how it’s starting to blow up internationally but more focusing on the actual content released. I’m still trying to watch and listen to a wider range of artists and groups and I can definitely feel my music tastes changing.

It was extremely hard to pick a Top 17 but I did get there in the end. I love watching videos of peoples favourite K-Pop songs – I feel that you learn more about the person and what style of music really attracts them.

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