CLC – BLACK DRESS [Album Review]

I wouldn’t say I’m an avid CLC fan – my usual aversion to girl groups restricted me to get too into their earlier albums and title tracks – but “Hobgoblin” was a calling from the Gods above and through that song I was able to hear my first ever CLC album.

From my understanding, they’ve maintained a typical girl group concept of light music and their album Crystyle was the first time (maybe??) they were able to come out with a hip hop based song, a style they should’ve always had. (NOTE: Crystyle is a fantastic album by the way. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.)

I wasn’t a fan of their later 2017 album Free’sm so when I heard the teasers for “Black Dress” I was beyond excited. By the sounds of it, I was going to get another hip hop and sassy album which I so loved from them at the start of last year.

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