TOP 17 KPOP SONGS OF 2017 | Hana Rosey

Time for my final 2017 video which is none other than my Top 17 Songs of 2017. Last year was fantastic for K-Pop. I’m not talking about how it’s starting to blow up internationally but more focusing on the actual content released. I’m still trying to watch and listen to a wider range of artists and groups and I can definitely feel my music tastes changing.

It was extremely hard to pick a Top 17 but I did get there in the end. I love watching videos of peoples favourite K-Pop songs – I feel that you learn more about the person and what style of music really attracts them.

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TOP 10 KPOP ALBUMS OF 2017 | Hana Rosey

Hey guys!!

I know it’s been a minute since I last updated on here but it’s been Christmas and I also work in retail so – it’s been a nightmare! But now that a new year has started it’s time for me to get my ass into gear and start being more present here. I initially started this site as a way for me to get my many ideas out there so it’s time for me to actually act on it!

I thought this post would be perfect for that as I’m going to start incorporating my YouTube channel on here. What better thing to start off with than my TOP 10 KPOP ALBUMS OF 2017!! I’ll include my video below here so if you all feel like it then check it out. For those of you who would prefer to read about my feelings on each album I mention then keep reading!Read More »

K-Pop Songs: I – I Wait by DAY6

Prior to the January 2017 I did know who DAY6 was but I’d never really gone out of my way to listen to their stuff. At the start of the year I had been trying new things on my YouTube channel by reacting to groups/things that I didn’t normally – queue DAY6 I Wait. As soon as I heard that song I knew I was hooked and almost immediately after reacting to the MV I went and bought every single DAY6 album I could find. And the rest – they say – is history!Read More »