Guys, I’m about to have a break down. SM STATION brings out such amazing songs and the fact we’re getting an EXO song without it being titled as “EXO” makes me so overly happy. The main reason behind this freak out though is because of SEHUN…this mans is my EXO bias and I freak out every time I see him do anything. I’m interested to see what roles both rappers will play in the song especially since CHANYEOL is a great vocalist as well so I’m excited to see which direction they’re both going to go in.

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TOP 17 KPOP SONGS OF 2017 | Hana Rosey

Time for my final 2017 video which is none other than my Top 17 Songs of 2017. Last year was fantastic for K-Pop. I’m not talking about how it’s starting to blow up internationally but more focusing on the actual content released. I’m still trying to watch and listen to a wider range of artists and groups and I can definitely feel my music tastes changing.

It was extremely hard to pick a Top 17 but I did get there in the end. I love watching videos of peoples favourite K-Pop songs – I feel that you learn more about the person and what style of music really attracts them.

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