I heard about WOODIE GOCHILD through the last season of Show Me The Money. While I did like his fun and happy vibe, I wasn’t overly blown away by him as an artist. This is entirely due to my preferences of hiphop in general and in no way is a personal dislike of his talent.

This review is also going to be a little different. In the past I have gone through each song and talked about what I did and didn’t like about it, solely based on first listen. For this album I did find I was talking about the same thing with each new song so decided to do an overview rather than a song-by-song review.

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Hey guys!

I mentioned over the past month that I wouldn’t be doing any in depth album reviews for a little while until I’m entirely caught up with my reactions, albums I missed etc and I’m almost there. I’m up to date with my reactions so far, though I haven’t edited or uploaded those that came out in April yet but they have been filmed, these will be coming soon. I’m hoping my reviews will start being a more prominent feature on this blog.

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