[REACTION] NCT U – Yestoday |Hana Rosey

Hey guys!

There was a part of me which wasn’t overly excited for this MV for two reasons: 1. It’s not my favourite song off Empathy and 2. “Black On Black” MV was surely to follow (which it has, but I still haven’t watched yet because I don’t have time right now). In saying that, I was interested to see what this MV would look like, the teasers made it look super bright and artistic and I’d be able to see my boy Taeyong again 🙂

Check out my reaction below!

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[REACTION] NCT U – Baby Don’t Stop | Hana Rosey

“Boss” was enough of a shit show for me but I don’t think I was expecting the intensity of this song, the choreography or the two MEN who were showcasing all they have to offer. I’m a hard, hard Taeyong bias but I also have a soft spot for Ten as well, so this song was bound to melt me into a puddle. I only wish the video didn’t play up while I was watching it but oh well! The melt down I experienced is still very much evident!

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