NCT DREAM – WE GO UP Album First Listen + Review

I’m super excited to hear this mini album. I have already expressed in my “We Go Up” first look how I’m late to the DREAM party but the last two title tracks they’ve released have really impressed me. I don’t know what changed my opinion, maybe it’s their aging or the fact they can explore genres that are more my type of thing. Either way, I’m here now and love this particular direction for them.

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[REACTION] NCT U – Yestoday |Hana Rosey

Hey guys!

There was a part of me which wasn’t overly excited for this MV for two reasons: 1. It’s not my favourite song off Empathy and 2. “Black On Black” MV was surely to follow (which it has, but I still haven’t watched yet because I don’t have time right now). In saying that, I was interested to see what this MV would look like, the teasers made it look super bright and artistic and I’d be able to see my boy Taeyong again 🙂

Check out my reaction below!

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[REACTION] NCT U – Baby Don’t Stop | Hana Rosey

“Boss” was enough of a shit show for me but I don’t think I was expecting the intensity of this song, the choreography or the two MEN who were showcasing all they have to offer. I’m a hard, hard Taeyong bias but I also have a soft spot for Ten as well, so this song was bound to melt me into a puddle. I only wish the video didn’t play up while I was watching it but oh well! The melt down I experienced is still very much evident!

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